Engineering has progressed significantly since Datasource began in 1982, it’s now parallel with IT and AI Technology which is really exciting!

245 Jobs


Notably the quality and quantity of the roles we fill within the sector has also changed.

At Datasource we are excited to share with your our extensive network of engineering professionals across C4ISR, Cyber, Electronic Welfare, Missile Defence, UAV, Embedded Software, Test & Release, Geospatial, Sensors, Radars, Maritime, Weapon Systems, Training and Logistics who have DV or SC security clearance from the National security community, MoD or Police.

The divisions that we cover include:

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Weapons Integration Engineers
  • Systems Architects
  • Acoustic Engineers
  • Cost Modellers
  • QA Engineers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Buyers
  • Continuous Improvement Leads
  • Configuration Management Specialists
  • Engineering Project Managers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • New Product Introduction Engineers ( NPI)
  • Bid Managers
  • Project Controller/Project Schedulers
  • Software Assurance Engineers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Requirement Doors Engineers
  • Airworthiness Engineers
  • Supply Chain Specialists
  • Digital Systems Architects
  • HR Operations Specialists
  • Nuclear Safety Engineers
  • C&I Engineers
  • Embedded Software Engineers C, C++, C#
  • FPGA Engineers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Avionics Engineers
  • Landing Gear Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • RF Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Naval Engineers
  • Cyber Safety Engineers
  • And loads more!
  • Note. We do not place Stress Engineers.
Information for clients:

At Datasource we are relied upon to find often niche engineering skills. Our talented and industry savvy recruitment team repeatedly deliver quality candidates using a combination of advertising, job site searching, recommendations, targeted company searching, our extensive CRM database and connecting with our sizable engineering network that we have developed over 25+ years.

We have built strong relationships with numerous ex military and ex forces engineers in the defence sector, many of whom have worked their entire career in the defence industry. They often refer friends and colleagues to us for our roles and we value this immensely.

Our skilled team effectively get to the heart of what our clients can offer so that when we approach candidates we can sell the company culture and ensure the right fit for both candidate and client.

Datasource’s engineering recruiters infiltrate the market to find candidates as soon as they are available, they are the ‘go to’ team for some particularly complex roles for clients within Aerospace, Maritime and Nuclear. We are keen to work with companies which value our specialist capabilities.

Defence & National Security

We deliver resources and solutions directly and indirectly to Government and National Security clients. Our relationships with the defence sector is like a partnership, we ensure that all compliancy elements of the recruitment process are achieved.

Datasource upholds a strong reputation delivering DV & SC cleared specialists to large blue chip engineering organisations, government departments and medium sized consultancy firms.

With over 36 years of experience of the DV & SC cleared candidates, our onsite security controller based in Cheltenham is essential in ensuring a smooth process. Seamlessly managed by our vetting team, security clearance requirements are met for both contract and permanent roles.

Datasource has been awarded a place as a trusted resource partner on several government frameworks.

Information for candidates:


Since 2016 Datasource has been providing a permanent recruitment service. Your future career prospects matter to us and we approach every step with integrity. You can rely on us to provide strong communication, friendly support and interview advice and guidance to help you secure the job of your dreams.

Datasource can connect you with the world's largest and most innovative engineering firms where research and development is BAU, for roles across the UK & the Middle East.


Datasource has provided contractors a safe and secure route to the most significantly brilliant tech firms on the globe. With bank accounts in the UK our service is safe, comprehensive and you will be paid within two weeks.

With highly skilled and trained recruiters on topics such as IR35, AWR and other compliance items, you are in reliable hands on a contract with Datasource.

Why use Datasource

Cultures are changing rapidly with our ever evolving population. Datasource supports our clients development of a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

We are professional, driven and trusted specialists in technical specialists, consistently filling roles with high quality candidates. Our highly skilled technical recruiters use a cloud based CRM and Office 365 to maximise efficiency. We are even trialing our very own bot! #WeLoveTech!

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