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I enjoy working for and with client organisations that feed my technical appetite, I thrive on the excitement and fascination of new emerging tech. In 2005 my passions aligned when Datasource hired me. I injected a professional and alternative perspective to the family run SME, and really proved myself to the Macleod’s.

My direction for Datasource is a culture of intelligent, energetic, passionate personalities, equipped with strong communication and the guts and resilience for the roller coaster highs and lows within recruitment.

Inspirational leadership helps motivate minds. I take my role extremely seriously and strive to develop new skills through cohort based learning to improve my leadership style and progress the evolution of Datasource. Maintaining focused, high performing teams is the key to our success and achievements.

Editorial (3)

Recognition and Appreciation is what drives me, and what I strive for, for myself, my team and Datasource. For our quality and exceptional service we were elated in 2019 to be awarded the very admired Gloucestershire's Family Business of the Year award, presented to us over bottles of champagne and a chorus of loud clapping from our local allies Williams LLP solicitors.

My success could not have been achieved alone. Technically brilliant in her field and offering authentic leadership, Lauren Gallagher has been my trusted partner for more than 5 years. She is one of the most driven individuals I have ever had the privilege of working with. Like me she also squeals, ‘I love recruitment!’.

I feel immensely fortunate and proud to work with some of the world's biggest names in groundbreaking tech such as IBM and Watson. It’s an honour to have a division within Datasource that focuses on extremely niche sectors, brimming with incredibly talented hand picked candidates placed in roles responsible for the successful delivery of Government and Defence projects, enabling our countries national security.

I’d like to officially thank Stuart and Bill for believing in me, trusting me and allowing me to spread my wings and flourish within Datasource. You have made my career dreams come true!

Thank you!"

I've known Lindsay for over 10 years. Lindsay is friendly and helpful! She helped me to find contract roles without me searching for them. She updated me with available roles and always tried to find roles that suits my profile with her clients. Lindsay is highly efficient at handling all recruitment aspects. Next time on the job market Lindsay will be receiving my first call.

Jitendra Yadlapalli, Oracle Fusion Cloud Consultant at Oracle